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With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of relationship dynamics, Carlos is the go-to expert for any relationship-related questions. 71% of couples needing any form of advice to help them better understand or resolve their problems, could not seek out professional help because of the lack of money and access to professional relationship experts.

Those who did ask for help, almost always turned to family or friends who gave them terrible advice. That's why I’m introducing Ask Carlos. A personalized video response to any question, help or advice you need.

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Possible Topics To Ask About


Questions about how to effectively communicate feelings, needs, and expectations or how to improve listening skills.

Conflict Resolution

Inquiries about resolving disagreements, handling arguments, and maintaining peace in a relationship.

Trust Issues

Concerns related to building, rebuilding, or maintaining trust between partners.


Discussions around physical closeness, sexual relations, and emotional intimacy.


Inquiries about preparing for marriage, engagement, and the challenges of married life


Advice on coping with breakups, navigating divorce, and healing after a relationship ends

Long-Distance Relationships

Challenges and advice for maintaining relationships over geographical distances.

Relationship Goals and Expectations

Discussions on setting realistic expectations and common goals for the future of the relationship

Success Stories

IrishDenver, CO
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Carlos's advice transformed our relationship. We were stuck in a loop of misunderstanding and frustration, but his practical tips helped us find our way back to love and respect. Thank you, Carlos, for showing us a better path!

JasonMiami, FL
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Asking Carlos was the best decision I made. His insights into our communication issues were spot-on and actionable. We've noticed a significant improvement in how we talk and connect with each other. Highly recommended!

RachelAustin, TX
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Carlos answered my questions with such clarity and depth that it completely changed my perspective on our issues. We've implemented his advice, and our relationship has never been better. Truly grateful for his help!

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