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Research shows that only 30% of people are in healthy relationships. Are you one of them?

How can I help you?

Boost Your Relationship Skills

Learn how to enhance your emotional IQ and better understand relationship dynamics for lasting love.

Solve Relationship Conflict

Tired of fighting? Learn how to navigate conflict by killing it at the root. No more putting a bandaid on open wounds.

Build A Healthy Relationship

It’s time to break negative patterns but not your fault. We aren’t given the tools to have healthy relationships. Let me help you change that!

Understand Relationships Better

Start from understanding where you learned about relationships and end with a profound knowledge of how to be successful in your next relationship

Hello Friends​

I’m Carlos. Chairman of The Hines Group, CEO of Erovive, Author and former Psychotherapist specializing in trauma and relationship dynamics turned Relationship Coach and Content Creator. I’ve spent the past 7 years helping individuals enhance their relationship skills while guiding couples on building stronger relationships. Whether through my books, podcast, YouTube videos, or coaching program, I know first hand what it’s like to have failed relationships. I’m here to help you create the happiest, healthiest relationship that you deserve!

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Building Healthy Relationships – Palm Springs

Gain insights into creating and maintaining strong, healthy relationships through this practical workshop. Learn key principles of mutual respect, empathy, and support that underpin every successful relationship.

ReConstructing Your Relationship – Cleveland

This workshop provides the tools to deconstruct and rebuild your relationship foundations. Discover transformative approaches to communication and connection, and start your journey to a revitalized partnership.

Blueprints for Love – Dallas

Join us for an interactive session where you’ll learn to design and strengthen your love life. Dive into essential relationship skills and leave with a personalized blueprint for lasting love.

Success Stories

Jay & Kali
Jay & KaliTogether, 4 Years
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We felt like we were stuck in a loop.

Before working with Carlos, we were stuck in a loop, having the same arguments over and over again. But through his guidance, we've learned to communicate in a way that actually made us closer.
Mia & Jin
Mia & JinMarried, 6 Years
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Helped us set a strong foundation for our relationship.

After our sessions with Carlos, we've learned to appreciate our differences and work as a team. He helped us set a strong foundation for our relationship, teaching us how to effectively resolve conflicts and support each other's growth.
Mike & Natalie
Mike & NatalieTogether, 1.5 Years
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We're not just surviving; we're thriving as a couple.

We were on the brink of giving up, but Carlos showed us a new way forward. His compassionate approach and practical advice helped us rebuild our connection from the ground up.

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