Welcome to Relationship Re/Model Program

Welcome to
Relationship Re/Model Program

You Can Have A Healthy Relationship In 13 Weeks


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What Makes
Relationship Re/Model
Program Unique

Dive into this transformative 13-week journey, designed specifically for couples looking to overcome relational challenges, rebuild, and strengthen their relationships. This highly personalized program systematically guides you through three critical phases—Recalibrate Your Connection, Remove the Gridlock, and Accelerate the Results—providing tools for deepening intimacy, mastering conflict resolution, and aligning future goals. With a blend of online modules and interactive in-person sessions, our expert coaches ensure each couple reconstructs a stronger, more resilient partnership, not only meeting but exceeding your relationship goals.

Three Critical Phases that will Transform any relationship:


In this initial phase, couples return to the roots of their partnership to solidify their foundation. You'll deepen the joys of friendship, enhance intimacy, and rebuild trust, setting a strong foundation for open and honest communication.


Phase two focuses on tackling the challenges and obstacles that prevent a relationship from moving forward. It's about overcoming the areas where couples typically get stuck.


In phase three, couples gain momentum by building on their renewed foundation. Reintroducing adventure to rekindle excitement, and aligning your goals to support both individual aspirations and collective dreams towards long-term growth and fulfillment.

Explore the Relationship Re/Model

What makes the Relationship Re/Model Program so transformational is that this isn’t simply a learning platform with courses to watch. This is an ongoing commitment to elevating your relationship skills, maintaining your newly found emotional IQ and practicing these skills in real time! You'll get new content curated and released regularly, live coaching calls and ongoing access to Carlos.

Because we understand that great relationships are built, not born. Our program provides you with the tools and guidance to construct a deeper, more meaningful connection with your partner.

Managing Conflict 🤯

Transform how you handle disagreements with conflict resolution strategies that promote understanding instead of division. Learn how to approach sensitive topics in ways that respect both partners' perspectives.

Enhance Intimacy ❤

Strengthen your emotional and physical intimacy through guided exercises that encourage vulnerability and closeness. Learn techniques to enhance communication and understand each other's love languages.

Emotional IQ 👤

Enhance emotional intelligence within your relationship. Develop skills to recognize, understand, and respond to each other’s emotional needs and cues effectively.

A Foundation for Trust 🤞🏽

Establish or rebuild trust by addressing past hurts and setting up new, healthy patterns of reliability and transparency. This involves open communication, consistency, and the creation of a safe space for both partners to express themselves.

Are You Ready to Re/Model Your Relationship?

Personalized Pathways: Every relationship is unique, and so is our approach. From day one, you and your partner will engage in a personalized exploration of your relationship, guided by expert coaches who specialize in building healthy, lasting bonds.

Structured Growth: Is the core of the Re/Model Program, ensuring that each couple’s journey through relationship enhancement is systematic, progressive, and grounded in proven, science-based methodologies. This approach is designed to build upon each success in a step-by-step manner, fostering lasting change informed by the latest research in psychology and relationship dynamics.

Hybrid Flexibility: To accommodate the demands of modern life, our program blends online educational modules with in-person workshops. This hybrid model ensures that you have the flexibility to engage with the program around your schedule while also benefiting from direct, personalized interaction with our coaches and a community of like-minded couples.

Community and Support: You’re not alone on this journey. Join a vibrant community of couples who share your commitment to growth and excellence in their relationships. Together, you’ll share experiences, challenges, and successes, fostering a supportive network that extends beyond the program.

Outcome-Oriented: Our aim is clear - to help you build a relationship that is not only surviving but thriving. Graduates of our program report improved communication, renewed passion, and stronger bonds with their partners - In record time.

Apply now to be one of the select couples to join our upcoming cohort. Spots are limited to ensure personalized attention and a quality experience for all participants.

Application Requirements

Must Be In a Committed Relationship

Hi, I’m Carlos 👋

As the founder of Erovive, Carlos has dedicated his career to helping couples resolve their differences and build fulfilling long-term partnerships. Drawing from his extensive research, Carlos created the Relationship Re/Model Program, a comprehensive 13-week initiative grounded in proven science based research. Carlos recognized that many individuals are not taught how to have healthy relationships and often replicate unhealthy patterns observed in society. His Trademark 3-Step Relationship Re/Model Program empowers couples to recalibrate their relationship dynamics, unlocking barriers and cultivating the meaningful connections they have always desired but never knew how to create.

Success Stories

John & Eddie
John & EddieTogether, 8 Years
Read More
It's not about changing each other but about growing together.

The Relationship Remodel Program taught us that it's not about changing each other but about growing together in the right direction. We've learned how to be partners in every sense of the word, facing challenges together with the tools and understanding we gained. Our relationship has never been healthier or happier.
Jose & Jen
Jose & JenMarried, 11 Years
Read More
We were skeptical about what a program could do for us.

We were skeptical about what a program could do for us that years of being together hadn't already. But, wow, were we surprised! The tools and strategies we gained have helped us navigate through our issues in a healthier, more constructive way. We're not just surviving; we're thriving, thanks to this incredible program.
Jamel & Kayla
Jamel & KaylaMarried, 3 Years
Read More
The Relationship Remodel Program was a game-changer for us.

We learned how to deconstruct the negative patterns that held us back and build a new foundation based on trust, respect, and understanding. It's like we're in a brand new relationship, but even better because it's with each other.

Join the next cohort of the Relationship Re/Model Program and experience a structured, supportive journey to building a stronger partnership.

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